So, one  of my dearest sister  questioned me,  " Hey, how do you deal with your flaws and comments on your physical appearance ? "  " Do they hurt you ? "  This question made me think about my imperfections, weakness and my reactions to the same.  Obviously it hurts me.  I am a human being right?  And sometimes such rude comments can take someone to their lowest.  I told her, " I answer them with a big smile and let it go though my other ear "   Now when you can't change something, you've to accept things as they are.  Acceptance is the greatest virtue these days!  People will enjoy teasing and passing comments on your inscrutable countenance.  Temporary beauty isn't in your control right?  Noone is perfect and that's totally fine. Everyone have their own insecurities, inadequacies. Someone you'll find limb less, someone with blemishes, some short stature one , and someone with black tone, rotund and flabby may be!?  Nobody really wish

What scares you the most?



The world is full of people, it's true  but I found my best friend in you, I don't know what would I do ,  without a best friend like you!  In my unfavorable period, you favoured me, through the thik and thin, supported me Hey there, what would I do  without a best friend like you!  You turned my darkness into light, by taking me always to the right, thank you for being an angle to my sight Hey there, what would I do  without a best friend like you!  You were there for me almost everytime, How can you be so kind, and lovable all the times I thank you for all those truckloads of good times Hey there, what would I do  without a best friend like you!  If someday, we fight for any reason  in any season, I want you to come back to me keeping ego aside, Cause I don't know what would I do without a best friend like you!  I know you love me But ,  I want you to know, I love you more than you think I do,  May be I show like I don't care,  But , I want you to grow grey with me on


Tham ja jindadi , lambi daud hai  ruk jayegi tu , par manzil dur hai. Kabhi lagega tujhe tu khuda ka rup bankar aaye hai Toh kabhi lagega tujhe khuda ne kyu banaya hai tujhe Par ant me jeet hogi teri agar tera vishwas majbut hai. Kabhi aasmanon me udegi tu , Toh kabhi jameen k pattharon se takrayegi, Agar koshish karegi toh aage badh payegi tu Kabhi samne dikhegi roshni , toh kabhi andhere me kho jayegi tu,  Agar khudka sath choda tune , toh bheed me bhi khudko akeli payegi tu. Kabhi zindagi k suhavane geet gayegi toh kabhi usi zindagi pe royegi tu Hosala hoga buland toh hi , zindagi ko jee payegi tu  Kabhi tu khudko sabse aage payegi  Toh kabhi tu khudko khel se bahar khada dekhegi  Baji hogi teri agar tu aage badhte jayegi Hazar baar man karega tera ruk janeka, Kato se takrakar khun behega tera, Har din k sangarsh se, tu hogi bohot kamjoor,  Par yaad rakh, Ghayal hogaye hai tu, par hari tu nahi.  - Uma


Hi. I know you're exploring yourself right now and you're putting all your efforts to make things worth the pain you've taken.  You're living and loving it.  You don't want anyone to kill your vibe.  You've started taking care of yourself. You're creating cup songs, enjoying uke,  playing piano, dancing like you never danced before, trying out different dishes as if you're a MasterChef, improving your art and craft skills and what not!  You never thought being a final year medical student you'll get this opportunity to do what you always wanted to do.  This quarantine really made interesting.  To stay at home for more than 2 months,  To spend quality time with your family,  Some extra effortless work for your grandparents , to learn bhagwad geeta, to meditate, to workout, to see live OT every now and then belonging to a medico family. You should be thankful for all that you did and you're still doing.  I know sometimes in this terribl


I met Blacky when he was 3-years-old. After all my nagging, my father took me along to bring him home. Being small and knowing nothing about strong connections, I grew very attached to this innocent little monster. We had built a small canal, just the way they show in cartoons. Painted in red and white, the small place was where Blacky stayed at night. It still remains untouched. Of course, Blacky had to leave. Cause I pampered him soo much. To the extent that he wouldn’t eat his meal until I fed him. He used to bark to at me to say goodbye before I used to leave school and was ever excited to see me come back to him.  I used to play with him everyday after coming back from school. I even flunked my school once or twice just to play with him. before going to exams, I used to hug him and say , 'Champ, wish me luck' and would always come back saying, 'Can't thank you enough.' I am one of those kids who used to get up early and go for walk with my dad ,

What kind of a person you're?

I am that kind of a person who's reply is 'No' to a 'No' always and always.  That may be a 'No' from my parents for a party. May be a 'No' for a trip from my dearest friend.  'No' from someone when I want something badly.  May be 'No' from my beloved one. 'No' for many things. That two letter word makes me think two thousand times, of the logic and the reasoning behind that small yet distasteful word.  That one word which always keeps testing my patience.  But then, I think -  What would be my life without 'No' ?   If I get anything and everything (Yes) everytime, I'll forget to struggle.  Life teaches me so many things with that 'No'.  I'm learning to survive with that 'No' with a big big 'Yes'. ~ Uma